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Cuban Document Retrieval Process


How do I get a Cuban birth or other certificate from Cuba?

1. Fill out the form

Fill out the Cuban Document Request form with as much information as you can provide. Hit the Submit button and we will get an email with your information.

You will land on a Thank You page then one of our associates in Havana will contact you directly and ask you to pay the initial search fee of $250.

We will also answer questions about time involved, fees, payments and delivery.

Haga clic en español aquí Formulario de Petición de Certificados en Cuba.

2. Processing

We will reply to the email address provided in order to confirm that we have the information we need to proceed with your order. Once you confirm the information we will ask for a $250 deposit then put in an order for your certificate.

We will then obtain the certificate and send you a scan of the actual certificate as proof of its retrieval. This also gives our customers the opportunity to review the information written on the certificate and to confirm that the information is correct before requesting that the process be completed.

If we cannot locate the document, we will contact you and ask for more information.

All Cuban documents are produced in Spanish with all required stamps, seals and signatures by the appropriate ministries in Cuba.

certificates from Cuba

Actual certificates we retrieved for customers

3. Time

We cannot pinpoint the time it will take to get a document for to you but generally speaking, Cuban document retrieval takes from as little as three weeks to two months. Initial retrieval is the time consuming part. Legalization is always guaranteed after we retrieve the document and takes less than one week to start legalization. Legalization at MINREX takes about four to six weeks.

Then, we may have to wait a week or more for one of our many couriers to take the documents out of Cuba since mail is unreliable and DHL has many restrictions and is costly.

4. Legalization

All documents retrieved from Cuba for any official use (Cuban passport, driver's license and marriage applications etc) need to be "legalized" in Cuba in order to be recognized as an official document.

The certificates we provide are legalized with stamps and seals from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores also known as MINREX.

If you are seeking Cuban birth, marriage or death certificates for personal reasons, you do not have to have certificates legalized.

After you approve the scan of the certificate, we will ask for the balance to be paid so we can began the legalization process.

5. Document Timeline and Delivery

From the date or your initial request to us to the date you receive the requested document is about three weeks to two months depending on many factors.

However, once we have confirmed the availability of your document and receive payment, we then get to work to retrieve the document from Cuba for you. We then have it shipped to us here in Massachusetts. We then mail out to you via USPS Priority mail.

6. Our Reputation

As you would imagine, our clients appreciate the confidential nature of our work so it is difficult for us to offer references. However, we can ask previous clients to contact you for a review of our service.

You can read the About Us page. We will get you the Cuban document(s) you need in a timely manner and at the most reasonable price we can offer.

Some clients were kind enough to give us testimonials regarding our service.

The cost for our serviceis $500 for a legalized document.

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Formulario de Petición

 For more information, call Sergio in Cuba at +53 78350970 or +53 52493773 or by email at 

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