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Cost for Cuban Document Retrieval

Pricing for our service

Deposit $250: There is a $250 deposit required in order to process your request. With good information, we are able to locate over 90% of the certificates requested by our customers. This $250 deposit is applied towards your total cost of either $300 total for a personal use certificate or $500 total for a legalized certificate.

Personal Use Balance due $50: If the certificate you need is ONLY for your information or family use then the price for Cuban certificates for is $300.

Legalized by MINREX - Balance due $250: If the certificate you need is for legal purposes, it must be "legalized" for official use by the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Cuba. The total price for legalized Cuban certificates is $500.

Translation Fee $125: If the document needs to be translated, our associates in Cuba will take it to the official Cuban government agency in charge of document translation. The price for document translation is $125.

Embassy Visit Fee $100: Some clients require their documents to be delivered to or stamped by a particular Embassy. Our associates in Cuba can bring your certificate to the requested Embassy for stamps and other services. The price for this Embassy service fee is $100.

Out of US Shipping or direct from Havana to US via DHL $75: We charge a standard flat rate of $25 for shipping documents outside of the US. Shipping cost is included for all US shipped orders.

The above fees apply to the following types of certificates:

  • Birth 
  • Citizenship 
  • Death 
  • Divorce 
  • Marriage 
  • Singleness 

Ask for prices for School Records and Police Records.

Search fee to be paid to order all certificates = $250
  • Personal Use Balance = $50
  • Legalized Balance = $250
  • Legalized Balance + Translation = $375 ($250 balance + $125 translation fee)
  • Legalized Balance + Embassy Visit = $350 ($250 balance + $100 embassy visit fee)
  • Legalized Balance + Translation + Embassy Visit = $475 ($250 balance + $125 translation fee + $100 embassy visit fee)
  • Legalized Balance - Certificate Shipped out of US = $325 ($250 balance + $75 shipping)

Payment methods

After we obtain your certificate we will send you an edited digital photo of the front of the certificate. We ask that you check the details for accuracy and then we ask for payment in full in order to complete the process.

We accept Paypal, credit cards via Paypal, bank checks, bank wires, deposits at any Bank of America branch, postal money orders, Western Union and International money orders. We will accept personal checks but we wait for ten business days to process orders paid by check.

Bank details will be provided when we send you the digital photo of the certificate.

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 For more information, call Sergio in Cuba at +53 78350970 or +53 52493773 or by email at 

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