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Cuban Birth Certificates

Certificados de Nacimiento 

We can retrieve birth certificates from Cuba from any province going back to the 1800s. Hospital records too.

Please review our proprietary Cuban document retrieval process along with the cost for our service.

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In cases where a birth certificate cannot be obtained, one can apply for a death certificate which should have the year of birth (expect 1960s to 1980s). Then, once the year of birth is known, applicants can request a Baptism Certificate that may suffice instead of a birth certificate.

We have experienced professionals in Cuba that understand the complicated document retrival process, don't get scammed by people giving you fake Cuban documents.

Actual Cuban Birth Certificate

 click image to see full size sample

cuban birth certificate front

cuban birth certificate back


This is a MINREX legalized Cuban birth certificate

Legalized Cuban birth certificate 

Sometimes this stamp is referred to as a DACCRE stamp.

This is the new Cuban birth certificate format

In some municipalities, the civil registries are issuing new formats for Cuban birth certificates. The image below is an actual birth certificate with this new format.

new format Cuban birth certificate

Below is an image of a Negative Cuban Birth Certificate

negative Cuban birth certificate

This certificacion negativa de nacimiento proves that a person was NOT born in Cuba.

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