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I must thank you so very much! Finally Antonio's birth certificate came today!

I will give you a wonderful review on your web site, but I just wanted to take the time now and personally tell you that what you do for people is outstanding!!!

Mariela from Hialeah

I just wanted to let you know that I received the document and everything looks great!! Your service has been outstanding, I can’t thank you enough. I don’t know how many customers you get from Canada, but with the number of Canadians getting married in Cuba, your document retrieval service could be vital to many Canadians.

Phil from Canada

Thank you Mr.Rob for finding my husband's birth certificate in Cuba. I would like to thank you for this and to encourage all people who are looking for a document from Cuba to contact you. I received it today and we are very happy about this.

Romona, Naples Florida

This is fantastic news! We are so excited that you found this certificate for us.

This will be a very special occassion for my mother in law. Thank you and your associates SO much for all your work on this. I'm not sure how often you make a major impact on someones life but you've done so on our case.

Jose from New Orleans

Thank you so so so SO much Rob!

You are about to make someone so very happy. Please also thank your associates. None of this would have been possible without their help.

Regards, Sandi from Morris Plain New Jersey

Thank you for getting me the death certificate of my father in Santiago de Cuba. At first it felt a leap of faith as I did not want to give out money without guaranteeing the result. But Cuba City Hall obtained the document for me and were always very responsive.

Patrick from Hawaii

I received the birth certificate. Thanks so much Rob. I am really thrilled to get it. If I can serve as a reference as a happy cutomer to any of your future customers, I would be happy to do that.

I heard of your operation on Public Radio here in West Palm Beach. I tried before to get our birth certificates through the Cuban Embasy in Washington DC without success. Thanks a million.

Tony from Wellington Florida

I received the Birth Certificate today!  Just as you promised.
I like to thank yo for your professionalism, availability and your word. The times we are living is getting harder and harder to find people to trust. 

I admit that I was a bit concerned, after all, I was dealing with the "Internet". My feelings and doubts soon disappeared after our first phone conversation.

What made me feel more comfortable was your regular contact with me.

Maria from Miami

Hi Rob!

Just to let you know that the Birth Certificate arrived today. Thank you for your work and the service you provide. Thank you for your promptness in answering my emails and your professionalism in this matter.

Rene from Albany New York

Hi Rob, just wanted to give my sincere thanks to you and your staff. The documents have arrived, and I am still getting used to the fact that their in my hands.

Seems it was a few weeks ago I found your website in a google search, and from that moment it was basically full speed ahead.

Thank you again Rob for all you have done! It really is impressive how quickly you have acquired these documents, amazing!

Jose Luis from Coral Gables

I'm so happy after almost 30 years in search of my Cuba certificate...You're the best organization and, I will recommend everyone I know to you.

Tony from Ormond Beach Florida

Rob, and the Cuba City Hall site did a great job locating two documents for me from Cuba. They were accepted at the Spanish Embassy as originals and I couldn't be happier. They are very prompt with e-mail responses and the document retrieval time was under two months. I highly recommend them to anyone. James M.

Great service. It took a while to get my Cuban birth certificate but these guys know what they're doing.

Jose from Tampa

Just letting you know I have received my Cuban birth certificate in order.  Thank you so much for all your assistance.  I am most grateful.
Regards, Luis

Luis from Miami

I searched around for help getting my Cuban birth certificate but no other sites seemed to have much credibility. Then I found They did what they said they would even though it took longer than they expected but they kept me posted. They explained that delays in Cuba are common. GREAT service. Thanks guys!

Ramona from Union City, NJ

My cousin recently got his Cuban birth certificate with the help of family in Cuba along with a trip to Cuba himself. He told me about the hassles and costs and when I asked him if he would help a friend of mine get her birth certificate, he said no, ask I did and they helped her get her certificate. I asked them to post this in their testimonials page because other people should know about their service.

Miriam Hernandez

Thank you. Thank you. I could not find help getting my father's birth certificate from Cuba. The service is not cheap but they got the birth certificate that I needed.

Marta in Miami

Getting anything out of Cuba takes time and know how. These guys know how to get documents out of Cuba. Thank you.

Paul in Edgewater New Jersey

Rob, I can't thank you enough for getting the marriage certificate. That really helped me with a personal issue here.

John from Tampa

I don't know what I would do without this service. I talked to a couple other places but either they couldn't help me or I didn't feel comfortable with them. I was told exactly how things would work from this service and they delivered. I can't believe how long it takes to get my birth certificate from Cuba but that is because Cuba is Cuba and not because this service is bad.

Julie in Tampa

These guys went out to Pinar del Rio to get a death certificate for my father. Something I couldn't do or wanted to do. I took a little while but they got the job done.

Jorge from Miami

Rob:  I received my father's legalized birth certificate.  The information contained therein is quite correct.  I was very happy to receive it.  If I run across someone who needs this type of service, I would not hesitate to recommend you.  Thank you. Eduardo - Coral Gables

Your retrieval service is a real blessing. We've been trying to get my mother's birth certificate for many years. You found it very quickly. We love your service! Maritza - Miami

We thank everyone above who offered these great testimonials.

We are happy to provide this valuable service.

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